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My 2017 ‘To Be Read’ List

I want to read more. Yes, I am an English Literature student, and yes, I do read a lot. However, it’s very rare these days that I get to read for myself, to read books that I choose for once. For this reason, I have compiled a little ‘to be read’ list.  – The Harry Potter series. … Continue reading My 2017 ‘To Be Read’ List

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Book Tag 

Today’s post is another different one for me. I’ve been tagged by the lovely Emily of to do this amazing book tag, and it’s a must read for any fellow bibliophiles! Here goes! 1. Read only series or standalones?  I don’t really read series’. I do have The Hunger Games trilogy say on my… Continue reading Book Tag 

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Fresh starts and new beginnings…back to university musings.

Well, it seems that finally summer is coming to an end, with school beginning two weeks ago, and university looming around the corner, autumn is certainly on its way. September has always been one of my favourite months and I am one of those people who quietly hates the summer and wishes for colder months…but… Continue reading Fresh starts and new beginnings…back to university musings.