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Sheffield: 4 Eyes Patisserie

This weekend I came to Sheffield to visit family, and one of the first things on my list of things to do was to try something from the amazing 4 Eyes Patisserie. My Aunt and her partner rave about this fabulous company and are always giving me dessert envy over Instagram. When I arrived I was super happy to find out that my Aunt had ordered in some lovely goodies, a Rosy Red Kronut and Hendersons Relish Macarons.  

Rosy Red Kronut

The first thing I tried was this beauty. A Kronut. For those who don’t know, a Kronut is a donut, made out of croissant pastry…and it is delightful. This particular Kronut was loaded with raspberry jam, and even contained a little pipettes full of it. On top was a raspberry and a rose petal. So Instagramable!!!! 

Next up were the amazing Henderson’s Relish and White Chocolate macarons. 

I’d never heard of Henderson’s Relish before, but my Aunt told me it’s like a diet staple in Sheffield, and compared it to Lea and Perrins Sauce. So I was understandably scared to eat a macaroon (a favourite of mine anyway) with such a bizarre sounding flavour. How wrong was I?! These were actual heaven. Bite sized slices of melt in the mouth heaven. I was very pleasantly surprised. 

My Aunt and her partner buy from this company a lot and are always full of praise for them. I’m no different…like seriously this is grounds enough to move from Wales up to Sheffield. 

The only complaint why are you only in Sheffield?! Please branch out to Wales. 

Can’t wait for my next visit to Sheffield to get some more treats.