I’m not a blogger

I want to write. I want to spill my thoughts and rambles to you all. I don’t want to blog about makeup and the latest bath bomb (as much as I love both). I’ve pretended to be that sort of blogger for too long, and it’s just not me. I want to write. For myself. I don’t want to care about my follow count. I want to be appreciated for my writing, not for how many followers I have.
Rachel Rambling On is now a place where I can share my rants and rambles, my poems and the stream of thoughts that so often pour out of my mind l.
I want to encourage other creatives and writers alike to create a community with me. I want a create a world, like the blogging community, for writers who just want to get their thoughts out there, like me.

So, is it goodbye blogging? Sort of. I’m not going to be the blogger that we’re all familiar with. I’m not going to be the next Zoella, and nor do I want to be. I’m not going to lose sleep over not being able to afford the latest Charlotte Tilbury lipstick; I’m not going to cry over blogging statistics and followers. I’m just going to write, for me

I’ll still be keeping this blog, as well as my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. I just want to call myself a writer, rather than a blogger. I don’t feel that I fit in that label and that’s fine. I feel that in the past, I’ve blogged about makeup and Lush products and the latest trends to fit in. And that’s just not me. While I love these things, my true passions are mental health, literature, people, feminism, music. I want to rant. I want to tell you all how I feel. From now on, my blog is my diary. 

I for one am very excited for this new little turn around for Rachel Rambling On, a place to be myself without the pressure of followers and statistics that I don’t actually care about. 

I hope you’re all just as excited. 

Rach x

*photo credit to Pinterest as always 


One thought on “I’m not a blogger

  1. Good for you 🙂 It’s important to be yourself when you write your posts. While I happily follow blogs that are product reviews, my favourite ones are personal blogs… they feel more real and genuine and I enjoy seeing what different lifestyles are like from people all over the world. Best of luck figuring out what you want to do in the future 🙂


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