I’ll make you proud 

This week has been hard. Probably the hardest week of my life. Some of you may know that my beloved grandfather passed away last Tuesday. We were very close. He was like my best friend and I’m going to miss him so much. Today’s post, however, is not going to be focussing on the sadness I’ve felt, but instead, the strength I’ve felt since his passing. I’ve amazed myself this past week. I thought I’d crumble and that I wouldn’t be able to get through. BUT I HAVE. I’ve tried my hardest to soldier on, as my Gramps always did through the tough times. I’ve thought about what my Gramps would do in this situation. Everytime I’ve felt like crying I’ve imagined my Gramps saying ‘Come on, now, get up and get on with it’. I’ve done all I can to make him proud. I’ve read for uni, I’ve tried to still see friends and be strong for family. I’ve made sure I’m up and showered everyday instead of moping around in bed. And most of all, I’ve vowed to make him proud. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do anyway, but now I’m determined. We used to discuss in depth my future plans. He shared my love of learning, of poetry, of writing. He knew of my plans to achieve a Masters degree and my hopes of gaining a PhD. And I will do it. I’m more determined than ever to make you proud, Gramps. Thank you for guiding me through these past few days. Now watch us all make you proud. 


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