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The importance of friends 

I love having friends. My friends have got me through so much and I feel extremely lucky to have such a supportive bunch. Can you remember your first friend? I can. I can remember all the friends I had in nursery. I’m not friends with them now but if I see them I do say hi. Throughout primary school my best friend changed on the regular, but I had a lovely experience of primary school. High school started, and soon I had a group of girls that I called my besties, they lasted right through my school life and although things fizzled out, the support I had from them at some times in my life was great. 

From about 2010 up to the present day I’ve had one friend who has been there through everything, she has been a huge support and I’m forever thankful for her. 

University started and I was scared I’d struggle to make friends, I was worried I’d never have what I had before. I was so wrong. I was so lucky to meet my best friends in the world in the first week. My uni besties have been my rocks through uni and if it wasn’t for them I would have given up when I was finding it hard. My mental health took a turn for the worse in uni and I honestly don’t think I would have coped without them.

For almost 4 years Ryan (my wonderful boyfriend) has been a constant rock in my life. A beacon of light and love and support. I won’t ramble too much about him but with him in my life I could never feel alone. He’s my biggest supporter and fills me with love. 

Then this time last year I began blogging. When I first started I didn’t know about the blogging community and would never have guessed I’d meet some of my very best friends through blogging. I have physically met some amazing girls through blogging, which I wrote about here.  

I also have a group of blogging friends who I talk to every single day, Erin, Hannah and Rachel. I haven’t met them yet but they basically get me through each and every day in our group chat. 

So as you can see, I have been so lucky to have been blessed with amazing friends right through my life. A good support system is soooo important, be that friends or family or your partner or colleagues. My support system has got me through my very worst days. I have a million and more amazing memories with all of them and so many more to come. I’m so lucky.

Everyone deserves the amazing support system I have.

Who is your support system? Who do you go to for advice?

Rach xoxo


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