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Lots of people don’t like change. This is something I’ve realised this summer. I’ve changed. I’ve changed pretty dramatically over the past few months. I’ve become more socially, politically and ethically aware. I’ve become more aware of vibes, the Law of Attraction and the idea of karma. I’ve decided to love myself more, and for once in my life I really do feel proud of myself. However, this isn’t it for me. I aim to keep learning and growing for the rest of my life. I learn everyday, be that through books, friends or even tweets on Twitter. Change is good. Change can make us better people. Just tonight (5th September) I learnt something through Twitter that made me think and reevaluate some things that I do. I’m much happier with the person I am now. I admit my mistakes now. I acknowledge when I can improve and become a better person. I try to make more ethical choices. These are all things that even a year ago I would ignore. I would just carry on with my life, without a care. I was self centred. 

I prefer myself now. I am finally happy within myself. While I acknowledge that I still have some way to go, I know that I am a far better person now. However, as I start to feel happier with myself, it seems that other people are growing more distant. A year ago, this would upset me. However now, I can see the funny side. I can see that these people are not happy within their own minds and bodies. They may be self conscious. They may be too scared of change. They may not even want to change and learn and grow. They may feel intimidated by the fact that I am growing into a better person, that I am learning to love myself. I was once like that. I used to envy other people, especially those who were achieving amazing things. Now, instead of becoming jealous, I channel that into motivation to make myself better, not in a competitive way, but rather as a way to improve my own mind and body and become the best version of myself.

Let’s all strive to become the best version of ourselves.

Change is good, I promise. 

Love Rach xoxo
*the image is one I found on Twitter by chance, I retweeted it from an account called @AlienBeingAlien 


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. I’m at a similar stage in life as well. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the years but I’m finally at a point where I appreciate myself and I’m starting to accept myself fully. The good and the bad. Good on you for putting in the work to change. I know it’s not an easy path to take but boy is it worth it 😊

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