Dark Hair, Don’t Care

I have dark hair. Yep, stating the obvious right there. Seriously though, I have been blessed (or cursed) with extremely thick and curly dark hair. Now, I do love the hair on my head, sure, but let’s not forget that hair doesn’t just grow on our heads…. Yep that’s right, I’m covered in thick dark hair all over. I spent years hating it, absolutely despising it. I was around 9/10 years old when I first shaved my legs (I was an hysterical crying mess begging my mother to shave them). Armpit shaving started soon after. As time went on I even started shaving my arms. I hated having such dark hair. However, I have obviously gotten older, and I’d like to think, wiser, so now hair doesn’t bother me half as much as it did. Now I can leave the house with hairy legs and unshaved armpits. Now I embrace my curly hair rather than straightening it every five seconds. I am finally more comfortable with the person I am, dark body hair and all. 

I’m not gonna lie, some aspects of having dark hair do bother me. I have pretty dark hair on my upper lip (I actually waxed this for the first time last night) and it is very noticeable when I wear makeup. Foundation seems to cling to it and lipstick just makes it even more noticeable. To be honest, I’m almost 21 and until now I’ve never waxed or shaved or plucked or bleach my upper lip hair…it never used to bother me as much. I suppose with my love of makeup now, it’s started to annoy me even more, so I decided to wax. 

I guess the point I’m trying to make here (but I’ve just been rambling) is that it is okay to be a girl and have dark body hair. It is okay to embrace it like I do with my armpit hair. You are all absolutely beautiful the way you are, you are a dark haired goddess.

However…It is also okay to dislike it, like I do with my upper lip hair. As long as you are happy and don’t project your views onto others, then that’s cool too. Yeah sure I might want to get rid of my ‘tache, but that doesn’t mean I think everyone should. The world is filled with amazingly beautiful women with dark upper lip hair. Ditto dark leg hair, armpit hair and hairy arms. They’re all beautiful

You deserve to feel happy in your own skin, whether that be embracing your body hair or shaving it all off. You do you, babe. 

Love Rach xoxo


8 thoughts on “Dark Hair, Don’t Care

  1. Loved this post! I understand where you’re coming from, I’m SO self-conscious about my upper lip hair & I’m desperate to get rid of it, but I don’t have a clue how to without making it come back worse!

    Anyway, you go girl! Embrace that dark hair. x

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