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…and relax: Top Five Tips for Relaxation 

In a world that’s so stressful it’s not very often that people make time for themselves. Stress is a daily occurrence for an alarming amount of people, and how many of these people actually attempt to combat this?! So, in true Rachel fashion, I’ve decided to share with you all some of my favourite ways to relax (and I absolutely LOVE to relax)…..

1) Read. Read, and read some more. Whether this be your favourite novel (mine is The Great Gatsby) or a book specifically designed to aid relaxation and banish negative thoughts (try The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz- one of my besties has written a blog post all about it here)…all reading is a form of escapism. When I pick up a book and get lost in it I instantly forget all of my worries. 

2) Treat yourself to a pamper. Have a bath or a shower. Use your fave bath products and give yourself a facemask. Then when you get out smother you skin in moisturiser and maybe paint your nails or give yourself a foot massage or whatever else relaxes you. You deserve it. 

3) A personal favourite of mine is colouring. Yes, I was taken in by the adult colouring book phase and I bloody love it. Like it literally got me through exams and revision and essays this year. I use The Mindfullness Colouring Book which you can buy from Amazon. Treat yourself to it and some pretty pens. 

4) This next tip may not work for everyone but for me it works perfectly. Crystal and gem stone healing is a recent discovery of mine and I have a collection of four crystals that work perfectly when I’m feeling particularly stressed. I use my blue chalcedony on the more stressful days and just hold it in my hand and look deeply into it, noticing all of the colours. If I have a bit more time I like to do a sort of meditation. I put my favourite relaxing music on (usually Fleetwood Mac), light some incense (I use Wildberry’s Magic Garden) and relax with my gemstones. Perfect. 

5) Last but certainly not least is nature. Bring nature into your home. Nature and being out in nature is a known stress relief, however with our busy lifestyles this isn’t always feasible. So, to help with this, fill your house with bits of nature. Plants, flowers and pebbles. I have a new found love for cacti and succulents (which if you follow my Instagram you will already know) so my bedroom is currently filled with those. It makes me feel so calm being surrounded by nature, especially if I can’t actually get out into nature. 

What do you do to relax? 

Love Rach xoxo


8 thoughts on “…and relax: Top Five Tips for Relaxation 

  1. This is great, petal! 🙂
    I too love crystals (i think I’ve got about 100 😳) and meditative cleansing is amazing. Reading is definitely a favourite of mine, I adore the great Gatsby too! You’re my favourite 💗 I am going to make a conscious effort to relax tonight 😊😊😊 xxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, lovely. 💖 oh my gosh crystal goals 😍❤️ amazing! Omg yay! Twins again 🙊 you’re amazing, Carly! Thank you for your kind words again! 😘🌻 xxxxxxxxxxxx


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