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*just to clarify this is a review of a product that was sent to me for free. I have not been paid for this and all opinions are honest and are completely my own*

So, a few weeks back I was approached on Twitter by a representative of a company called Friction Free Shaving asking whether I’d be interested in reviewing one of their products. I was soooo happy as I was on the look out for a new hair removal technique, as my usual razors leave me with horrible shaving rash! I happily obliged and a few days later the lovely little package arrived through my door.  I was sooo eager to use it and jumped in the bath straight away. I usually shave with Lush Cosmetics Pink Fun which lathers soooo well! 😍 So off I went with my razor and I was sooo pleased with the results. I had an alllll over shave (to much info?! NAH) and was well impressed with how silky smooth I felt…and also impressed by the complete absence of shaving cuts! Result!!!!

As time progressed, I awaited my usual shaving rash….it didn’t seem to happen. The only think I did find was two ingrown hairs on my leg that looked super red…don’t know if they’re related to the razor, though, so I’ll see if it happens again. The thing I’m most pleased with the fact that my legs felt smooth for DAYS afterwards, this doesn’t usually happen, usually they’re prickly after a day😫

Overall I’m extremely happy with this, and it’s something I’d definitely purchase. Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription delivery service that offers three products:- ‘Faye’ which is £3 per month, ‘Frankie’ at £5 per month and lastly ‘Samantha’ (the razor I reviewed) at £7 a month. Each month you are delivered with 4 blades with the idea that you use a new blade each week. There is also the option to change this to receiving it every two weeks, if you don’t shave as much, or even receive a different gift (lipstick or nail polish for example). I feel like this will save me so much money, and for such a high quality product. Couldn’t be happier! 😄

Don’t forget to check them out.

Rach xoxo



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