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Body Positivity Time with Marc

Next up for my #bodypositivitytime series in fellow blogger, Marc of also known as Bugger All Blog. Marc’s blog is very varied, he talks about everything from his love of all things British, to more serious issues such as mental health. A favourite post of mine by Marc is this.  I was so happy when Marc said he wanted to get involved as I really wanted some male perspectives in this series. He is such a positive force on Twitter and I was really looking forward to hearing his story….

“I’ve never been that guy with those abs and perfect body. No really, I’m not. But I always have been okay with that, it’s what made me ‘me’. Sure there were times I felt less comfortable but it only lasted for about a day or so.
It changed the day I got my part-time job at a clothing store. I was surrounded by males with perfect proportions and looking very healthy. Every day I got into work, I would see adverts, photographs and certain ‘idealistic’ views on how your body should look like. I took the job because I wanted to become less introvert and more outgoing, I was not shy or anything, but I just wanted to improve some of my social skills.

I went okay for 3 years, but slowly I transformed into this person who didn’t fitted in, in my opinion. Only those really healthy fitness guys worked for this company all over the Netherlands and also the customers were like that. I also witnessed a change in sizes at the stores, the larger sizes were declining and I felt really uncomfortable with working in this setting.

But the real blow to my head came 2,5 years into the job. I had just been in the hospital for my heart condition and wasn’t fit at all when I came into work. I had gain a few, but not that many to be honest. The district manager came up to me and said these exact words: ‘Shouldn’t you go to the gym more? Get rid of some of those pounds’ He then left me with those words. I stood there lost for words and really getting into a more negative mindset over my body.
The day after my manager told me that the district manager had said I was ‘too’ fat for this company and had to get rid of some pounds. Well I completely lost it, not only was I furious and saddened, but I also felt like a number. Like I only would be apart of the perfect world, If I was perfect.

The struggle became real at that moment, I only wore clothes that would conceal my body forms and would always hold breath. Going to the beach or going swimming at a pool were quite the horror for me. I would go the gym in excessive amounts, ridiculous. Not losing the weight I wanted to and getting more depressed at the sight of remaining the ‘fat’ me.

It’s only been after my relationship ended and gained confidence by going out with friends or getting compliments about my personality, that I became more body positive. The incentive of people complimenting me about my personality, made me more positive about my body. It struck me that the people that matter, don’t give that much thought into your body. The right people will appreciate you for you are.

I don’t want to say I’m body positive at the moment, but the main thing is to me: I’m getting more and more content with my body. Feeling well, losing a few. But above all, I’m not ashamed anymore. I’m Marc and this is my body :)”

I think Marc is a very strong person for dealing with this terrible body shaming from his managers of all people. He has shown that their opinions mean nothing and is learning each and everyday to be happy in his own skin.

Don’t forget you can also get involved with my #bodypositivitytime campaign, just check out this post and email me if you want more details.

Thank you for reading.

Rach xoxo


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