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Body Positivity Time with Emily

Next to be featured on my body positivity campaign on my blog is the lovely Emily of who also happens to be one of my best friends. I was so happy that Emily wanted to get involved in this as I find her very empowering, she always makes me feel great about myself and I feel as though she is a very positive influence on social media, I mean just check out this post here. She always makes me smile on Twitter (her username is @EmilyMoor_) and in real life. 

Emily says:

“I think my body confidence had really diminished over the last few years. I guess it’s down to the stress and pressures of exams particularly in uni. That kind of caused me to become less confident in myself in general although now I feel so much happier with myself that I’ve had the chance to relax and reminisce on all the things I’ve achieved in my life so far. Exercising definitely helped me to feel a little more confident in my body even if it looks nearly the same as before. I think that just knowing that I’m doing something to benefit my body and health really helped me. Also, by stopping comparing myself to others a little bit. I am guilty of still doing this but it’s important to remember that everyone is beautiful in different ways and there are people out there who think you’re amazing the way you are. Lastly, not fixating myself on continuously trying to eat healthily but instead choosing foods I love that are a bit healthier but also completely indulged on chocolate and crisps all the time haha!”

 I am so proud of Emily for this…She is an inspiration and what she has said is so true…we can eat all the treats we want and it’s much healthier to focus on foods that we love that are slightly healthier than making ourselves feel guilty for not eating salads for every meal! Haha!  💖 

Don’t forget you can also get involved by sharing your story on my blog…check out this post which has an email address on which you can contact me. 

Love Rach xoxo 


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