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Body Positivity Time with Paige

Hi everyone! You probably know by now that I am a big advocate of body positivity and if you’ve read my last few posts you’ll know that it’s something I’m really trying to push in my life and on social media. I came up with the idea of getting other people involved and letting them share their stories on my blog and the response has been amazing, so many people have expressed interest to get involved. So without further ado, I’ll introduce my first lovely lady. 

Paige of the blog was very keen to get involved. She is such a positive force on Twitter (her Twitter is @wanderingpaige) and also on her blog. She writes about an array of different topics from beauty to lifestyle, a favourite of mine being this one and I am so pleased to have her as part of this important social media campaign. Paige says:

 “In terms of body positivity, it’s something I’ve struggles a lot with lately, as I’m sure many other girls and guys have too.”

Which sadly is so true…body issues are oh so common in today’s society, as Paige will demonstrate below….
“Basically, my friends and I (including my boyfriend of nearly 2 years) usually go the the same club/bar whenever we go into town. Because we’re always in the same group, people who work in this club/bar have begun to recognise us and we’re all pretty chatty and friendly with one another now – which is nice! However… One particular night, I wore a brand new midi-skirt and crop top and I was so excited to wear it, but also nervous as it was waaay more daring than anything I’d usually go for. Despite my nerves I wore the outfit and I felt great, I was a little self conscious, but I was determined to embrace my body and enjoy my new outfit. The night was going well, when suddenly a guy who works on the door of the club shouts “Wow Paige! You’re really putting on weight!” I felt the blood rush to my face and I went bright red. I’d been embarrassed and body shamed in front of my friends and boyfriend. I ran to the toilets and just cried wishing I hadn’t worn the outfit. 

Luckily, all of my friends were so so lovely and made me feel better, and with time, once I was over the initial shock, they helped me realise that the guys dumb opinions don’t take anything away from me, so instead of avoiding him, or the club, or nice outfits, I now wear what I want and I go out with my friends and think f*ck what anyone else is thinking!”

It’s so awful that Paige had to go through this, but I’m so pleased that she is now able to say f*ck you to the horrible people and wear what she wants with confidence. 

Check out Paige’s blog with the link below and don’t forget you can get involved too. Read my blog post on body positivity here which has links to contact me for further information. 

Stay positive, you’re all amazing. πŸ’– 

Rach xoxo


6 thoughts on “Body Positivity Time with Paige

  1. I’m so sorry that someone did that to you, Paige, but you’re right, horrible people don’t take anything away from you and people will be nasty no matter what we do. I bet you looked great!
    Rach, I love that you’re doing this. it’s so positive and you’re a big inspiration. xxxxxxxxxx

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