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To my best friend. 

Today’s post is a little different to usual, but just something I want to share with you all. Today is my best friend’s birthday. I am soooo beyond sad that I can’t see her, but thankfully we’re  meeting up on Saturday to spend a girly day together. ❤️ 

I just wanted to use this post as a little dedication  to her, and all the amazing things she does for me. We’ve known each other for probably around 6/7 years now, having met through a mutual friend, and since the first time we met we’ve been so close. It was like friendship at first sight. 😅 We started getting super close around the summer of 2010 and we became best friends. We’d spend weekends at eachother’s houses, text everyday about random crap and go on shopping trips to Cardiff (we even have a tradition of doing a Christmas shop every December). We’ve been on holiday together with eachother’s families and our families get on well, too. We’re practically sisters. 👭 

We have the craziest memories, so many drunken nights (one of them was so bad it has caused us both to stop drinking completely😂), and have been there for each other through the best and worst of times. It sounds cliché but I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without her! ❤️ 

So, Aim, thank you so much for everything you do. You are beautiful inside and out. You have such a kind spirit and out everyone before yourself. You’re the most hardworking and loyal person I know. You’re my future maid of honour, honorary auntie to any children, and obviously sister for life. Thank you for making my life so wonderful and being there for me through everything. You’re one of my biggest supporters and I can tell you anything. You’ve helped me through my worst days, and been there for me when no one else has. I am so grateful to have you. 

You are the only one who understands and shares my love for Cadburys dipped in tea. 

You share my crazy penguin obsession. 

Also – I didn’t think I’d meet anyone as crazy about LUSH as I am…in fact, you introduced me to it. 😂  

You’re the only person in the world who would laugh out loud with me at the words ‘spatula’, ‘pie’ and ‘salt and pepper’. (We really are weird😂)

So, a huge happy birthday, bestie…you deserve the best day ever. 💚
Thank you for being you. Amazing, kind, beautiful and wonderful you! 🌸 

Here’s to another year of friendship, and a billion more to come. 

I love you lots, sister! 👭💚🐧 

Rach x 


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