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Anxiety: Take it seriously

Right now, I am having a bad mental health day. No, actually, week. I’m having an awful week in my brain. I’ve tried to seem happy and bubbly, but today it’s all come flooding out. I’ve tried to work away my anxiety by exercising, which usually works, but today, it hasn’t really helped. My confidence levels are the lowest ever. I am unhappy with my appearance, with my weight, with myself in general. I am not writing this for compliments, please don’t give me compliments after reading this, it’s just something I am currently going through. I am writing this because I feel that anxiety is NOT taken seriously. Not by any means. Not even close. I have said before, in previous posts that I am grateful not to have a mental illness such as schizophrenia, or anorexia. I am not suicidal. I suffer from anxiety, in many forms. I also experience bouts of sadness, and suffer with low confidence. I understand this is not as bad as wanting to hurt myself, and many people think that compared to this, anxiety is nothing. However, being someone that suffers each day with anxiety, at least to some extent, this way of thinking is very harmful for me. Take this week for example. It has been awful. I have felt trapped and unable to escape the anxious feelings, even in my own home surrounded by those who love me. I have felt like every time I mention how stressed I feel I annoy somebody. I feel like a drama queen. I feel like I am being stupid. But I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t want to suffer from a mental illness. I wish I could be my old self again. I wish I didn’t have to sit in my own home with a racing heart, a stomach full of butterflies, fighting off the tears over things that are meaningless. I wish people took this illness seriously. I wish that on my worst days, I could seek help without feeling like I’m being dramatic. I feel like people easily lose patience with me. I know that this is not necessarily their fault. I feel that there is a lack of education around anxiety, so it is understandable that some people think I am just being silly and overdramatic….but I just want people to realise how dangerous this is. When I feel like I am being annoying, I start to feel worse. I cry a lot, and find it difficult to pick myself back up. Anxiety is a gateway for other mental illnesses. It goes hand in hand with depression, OCD, schizophrenia and many other horrible illnesses. I want people to realise that by brushing off someones anxiety as silliness, awkwardness, or dramatic, you could possibly be making this person a million times worse. Please please educate yourselves on anxiety. I know it is hard to be patient at times, I know that I am hard to understand, I know that I cry over EVERYTHING, I know that I worry about the smallest things, and I know how much all this annoys people, but please understand that I dont WANT to be this way.

If you have taken the time to read this post, thank you. I am sorry it’s not something more positive, but I felt the need to reach out. I hope all my readers are happy and healthy.

Rach xoxo


23 thoughts on “Anxiety: Take it seriously

  1. Great post, it’s definitely something that people need to be more aware of. Until I started reading blogs like yours I didn’t know much about anxiety, now I realise some times in the past I have suffered from similar feelings and that there is a name for it. Good for you for sharing a post like this and how you feel, hope you feel a bit better soon (not sure if that is the right thing to say!)

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    1. I’m so glad these sorts of posts have helped you. If you ever want to chat about it, or if you feel like you’re experiencing it again, please feel free to chat to me. ❤️ Thank you for your kind words. It is the right thing to say! 🙂 Xx


  2. You are so strong, Angel! Never compare yourself to what others are going through, anxiety can be just as bad. Always remember you are not alone and I’m always here if you need a chat 💖

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    1. Thank you so much, Carly. In the short time we’ve been chatting you have been such amazing support for me. 💖 Thank you so much. The same goes for you, we can get through this together! ❤️


  3. I go through the exact same feelings, thoughts and bad mental health days honey. You are definitely not alone. Be brave- it will pass, as it always does. Much love XXX

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  4. Reading this post actually made me cry a little because I know exactly how you’re feeling right now. Having anxiety makes you feel like a burden and that you’re inconveniencing those around you. I can’t express enough how hard it is to live with anxiety everyday and people just don’t understand that. It’s not just “a phase” or “it’ll go away in a minute ” ” stop worrying about it” like no. Having anxiety is a mental health issue that doesn’t get anywhere near enough support and awareness. I’ve been labeled a freak in the past for my anxiety so I tried to hide it for so long until I erupted and lost who I was as a person. I’m sending so much support Rach because I know how hard it can be. Stay strong hunny, you got this! xxx

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  5. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a bad time with anxiety this week. I know the feeling, and the worrying part is when I finally found the courage to see a doctor I was dismissed and told I “needed to get more sleep.” The stigma surrounding this (and all mental health) is appalling, and something that needs to change. I hope you feel better soon x

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  6. ‘I dont WANT to be this way’

    The amount of times I’ve used this line having to explain myself to people I shouldnt have to explain myself to and yet they still never understand.

    Keep strong, there’s always a good day coming.


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  7. I found your blog by reading a post written by a friend of yours on her anxiety experiences. I’m a new subscriber to you but I hope your journey gets better. I’m learning that social anxiety is much more than just being nervous before going to a party or delivering a speech. It’s debilitating in many ways. Hope things get much better for you!

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