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Embrace your body hair

Today’s #GirlPower post is inspired by an amazing new blogger, Carly of Her post entitled Feminism really got me thinking about something that’s always been at the back of my mind. It’s the idea of women and body hair.

 Now, Carly has written about this perfectly (along with lots of other amazing feminist issues) so if you haven’t already read it, please go and read hers first so mine may make more sense to you. Go, do it, now! 🙂 
Okay, so now you’ve (hopefully) read Carly’s post, I can now go into my thoughts on it. Body hair on women is seen is such a bad thing. Like even going back a few months ago, I’d shave my legs even if I was just going to be showing a tiny bit of my ankle in jeans….but more and more often we’re seeing ladies embrace their fuzziness, even celebrities have begun to proudly show off their hair. But sadly, like all things women seem to do, there has been backlash. Like, how dare these ladies not want to bring a razor to their NATURAL body hair. I used to be the kinda girl who was always freshly shaved, smooth legs, armpits, everywhere and I love it. I adore feeling smooth and silky but after YEARS of doing it and being fed up with the upkeep and itchy shaving rash I finally decided I’d had enough. So I began to grow. I embraced my natural look for about 5 weeks (and I’m DARK and quite frankly, pretty hairy) so it didn’t take long before I amassed enough to make a few wigs. Although, sadly, part of me still felt ashamed. Sure I’d look at myself and feel quite empowered, and yeah okay I did wear ankle length jeans to uni that showed my fuzzy legs….but that’s as far as I would have gone. I would NOT have worn a sleeveless top, a skirt or anything like that….and why?! For fear of someone judging me, or laughing….eventually I just caved and opted for the shaven look, but alas, I can’t win there either because now I’ve ended up with a burny shaving rash and ugly red bumps. Can a girl get a break?! And let’s not forget….hair removal costs money. Razors (unless you want cheapy £1 ones) are an expensive upkeep. Waxing hurts. A lot. And that’s whether you do it yourself or in a salon, oh yes and let’s not forget that it’s it’s expensive too. And don’t even get me started on epilating. I’m not saying we should all embrace our natural fuzziness, heck a lot of girls love the smooth feeling (I do too while it lasts) but what I am saying is, don’t keep hair free for anyone else but yourself. I love being smooth and wish I could be constantly silky smooth, other people prefer to embrace their natural look. Some people find body hair attractive, others don’t….and that is fine. It’s your own body, it’s your own choice. Don’t shave for fear of being laughed at. Don’t do it to impress a partner. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to. And whatever you do, DO NOT SHAME OTHERS FOR THEIR BODY HAIR. It’s theirs. You may not like it and that’s fine, but that person doesn’t make choices for you. This goes for ladies too, because I actually think that some girls are more judgemental when it comes to this than boys. So ladies, embrace your fuzziness, or embrace your silky smoothness….whatever you prefer. You’re all absolute goddesses. 💖💖💖💖 
Love Rach xoxo


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