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Feel Beautiful

Today’s post is all about confidence….especially about being confident in your own skin. For the past few months, I’ve struggled on and off with acne. I have good and bad days with it, but I usually tended to just hide it under layers of make up. This, however, tends to make it worse. So I decided a few weeks ago to give my skin a break and do a week in university make up free. It scared the hell out of me. Areas of my skin were bright red and bumpy.  It looked horrendous….

 as you can see….. but I braved it and went make up free. I enjoyed the extra time in the morning, because let’s be honest make up isn’t the quickest process….but I still missed my mask. I didn’t feel confident and found myself kind of ducking my head down and hiding my skin, so in the end I caved and wore make up. This has been a constant circle…a week with make up, a week without….and this has done my skin no favours. But I’ve been thinking….why should I care?! I should feel confident and beautiful with or without make up. My amazing boyfriend always tells me how gorgeous I look without it…and with, so ahouldnt I listen to him and feel confident anyway? The answer is yes. yes I should take Ryan’s advice and embrace my natural beauty. I am beautiful with or without make up. We all are. So whether you wear it or not, feel confident in yourself. Be happy in your own skin.  

Feel confident…make up or not. You’re all gorgeous! ❀️ 

Rachel xoxo


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