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Anxiety: I am NOT a drama queen

Today I want to talk about mental health. Namely, anxiety. Yes, I know you may all be thinking “Oh no, not again” but quite frankly, I don’t care, what I’m about to write, needs to be said. I’m not gonna hit you all with a bunch of stats, or even a sob story of my own…I just want to tell you all the harsh realities of anxiety. Anxiety affects SO MANY people, in SO MANY ways, yet, it is still disregarded by people worldwide. Anxiety is a mental illness. The mind of an anxiety sufferer is different from the mind of someone who suffers from no mental illnesses. Sure, I would much rather suffer from anxiety than from something like schizophrenia, that is a horrible, truly horrendous mental illness, something which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. This, however, does not give anyone the right to disregard anxiety. Some people do not even deem anxiety worthy enough to be classed as a mental illness. What if the recognition of anxiety as a mental illness just stopped altogether?! What would anxiety sufferers do then? Especially those relying on medication to get them through the day. I’ve said before, without meds, I doubt I’d be able to do anything I do now. Even if I miss one tablet I feel the effects. But there are STILL people out there who do not understand, or even seem to care about anxiety. I’ve heard before now that anxiety sufferers have been told “There’s worse mental illnesses out there” and “Stop being so dramatic”…..this is dangerous. This makes people not want to seek the help they deserve and need. Also, let’s not forget that anxiety can also trigger other mental illnesses such as depression and O.C.D. Now is anxiety worthy enough of help? This isn’t a post declaring anxiety as the worst possible thing ever….like I’ve said, I would rather have anxiety than some illnesses, mental and physical. However it does not mean that anxiety is easy to get on with, nor does it mean that sufferers should be tarred as ‘attention seekers’, ‘drama queens’ or anything like that. They should be taken seriously, given the help and compassion they deserve. 
Please take into account what I’ve said here. Please, if anyone you know is suffering from anxiety, take them seriously, don’t belittle them. Help each other. 
Love from Rach. Xoxo


14 thoughts on “Anxiety: I am NOT a drama queen

  1. I love this, Rachel! I hope lots of people read this and go away with a different perspective. Anxiety is horrible, I hate when people compare it to other illnesses, just because it’s not considered to be the worst, doesn’t mean it’s not a horrendous thing to suffer from!!! 💚

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    I suffer hugely from anxiety, and have never had support from one single person in my life, not even my boyfriend. I get called a drama queen and told that there’s nothing wrong with me. Thanks for writing this post. xxx

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