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Top 5 Empowering Fictional Females

So last week you may have seen my #GirlPower post about my favourite empowering celebrities. I was really pleased with how well the post was received and a few people made the suggestion that I should blog about empowering fictional characters. I’ve been thinking about this all week and I’ve been so excited to share them with you, so here goes this weeks #GirlPower post…

  • First up is Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones (this is based on the series I haven’t read the books yet). This is going to be difficult to write without giving spoilers, but I will try (nobody likes spoilers)! Daenerys grows so much during the seasons of Game of Thrones, at the start she is more gentle and seems to be scared being led under the rule of her evil brother. As it progresses she becomes stronger, gaining the respect of her husband’s tribe of Dothraki men. The more you watch, the stronger she becomes and is truly empowering. I wish I was more like Daenerys. I’d definitely recommend watching Game of Thrones as they have more than one strong female character! 
  • Next up is Rachel Green from TV series, Friends. For me, Rachel is is epitome of empowering (must be the name *wink wink*). At the start of the show Rachel comes across spoiled, not willing to work or do anything for herself and really not at all independent. This soon changes though, and she progresses so much through the show. She begins as a waitress but slowly makes her way through the fashion industry working her way from the bottom up, all the way to gaining an interview at Louis Vuitton. She shows viewers were hard work can get you, making us laugh with her loveable personality along the way. 
  • Janie Crawford from Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. I’ve talked about this book in a previous post but didn’t go into detail about how fabulous Janie is. She is such a resilient character, no matter what life throws at her she just gets back up and gets on with it. The story is about her quest for love, first with the marriage arranged by her grandmother, then onto an abusive marriage that she stayed in for many years and finally she seems to find love. Janie experiences so much tragedy but still remains hopeful and positive despite all that she has gone through, isn’t that how we should all be? 
  • Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (does she have a surname? I can’t find one so please let me know if she does). So, Star Wars is a world wide franchise, probably one of the most popular franchises there is, but it wasn’t until The Force Awakens came out that I became interested in it. Rey looked soooo sassy and just downright FABULOUS in all of the trailers so I just had to see it, and see it I did. Seeing a film franchise as popular as Star Wars having a female lead was fantastic, and the fact that it’s now Disney just makes it even better as it’s such a change from Disney’s usual princess films (not that there’s anything wrong with princesses- I love them….just wait for my final point). Rey epitomises empowerment for me, flying around in the Millenium Falcon, taking charge of the group and just being downright awesome. 
  • Last but definitely not least is Pocahontas. My absolute favourite Disney princess and one of my favourite Disney films. She refuses to marry the cocky and grumpy Kocoum, and convinced her father that she should be allowed to make her own choices. When she meets John Smith, a white British man, her father and the rest of the Powhatan tribe are angry but she eventually brings the two together, intervening in the battle between the British men and the Powhatans. After all of this, even though she could quite easily be with her beloved John Smith, she does what is right and decides to stay and help her elderly dad with his job as Chief. She is so empowering and I feel like she is often overlooked as a Disney character. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Who are your favourite empowering fictional ladies…and men? 

Rach xoxo


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Empowering Fictional Females

  1. I love tho post so much. It really made me open my eyes to such incredible fictional female characters. Khalessi was alway one of my favourites but the way you brought up Rachel Green and Pochontas made me admire them so much more. Thanks for sharing this and making me appreciate some more female fictional characters. 👍

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  2. Love this! One of my favourites is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The way she sacrifices her own freedom for her dad, and the way she helps Beast come out of his grumpy rut back into the Prince he is. And I just love her library and how much she loves reading too haha! xx

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