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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian. A definite Marmite character. She divides the world into two, especially when she posts her latest selfie (often with little to no clothes). However, the past few days, since she posted her latest naked selfie the amount of people I’ve seen talking about her has sky rocketed. Mostly I’ve seen people trashing her. Even celebrities, the likes of Chloe Moretz and Bette Midler have thrown shade at our Kim. My question is why?! Why are people so offended by a woman’s naked body? We all have naked bodies. Half the population have what Kim has (albeit in different shapes and sizes etc), so why all this negativity? People are saying she’s bad for feminism. Why is that?! What about a woman’s self portrait of her naked body is “bad”? True, Kim may not label herself as a feminist (something that has been widely debated in the media) but that doesn’t mean that she’s a bad feminist icon. Shouldn’t a woman being confident in her skin be an empowering thing?! For both women and men. Shouldn’t we be taking a leaf from Kim’s book and feeling as confident as she does?! People have criticised her, saying things like “No wonder she’s so confident with all the work she’s had done!!!” Now, I’m no expert, I have no idea if she has had work done…BUT WHY THE HELL DOES THAT MATTER?! Why does it matter that someone’s had work done to feel more confident? Most of us wear makeup to help our confidence, even those I’ve seen criticising Kim, so what is really the difference? Personally, I feel empowered by Kim’s selfie and I hope others do too. Sharon Osborne has tweeted her support with a similar selfie, she doesn’t seem to have even a fraction of the hate Kim has and is receiving. I’ve even seen people bringing her husbands actions into their arguments. Apparently Kim is a bad feminist because her husband has acted in an anti-feminism way. Since when is Kim her husband??? She is her own person, a seperate being with her own thoughts and opinions. Also, let’s not forgot that she was the victim of revenge porn. THIRTEEN YEARS AGO AND SHE STILL GETS SLUTSHAMED!!!! It has impacted her every move. It is hard for her to be taken seriously because of this, she’s branded as a bimbo and a part girl, a slut and everything else. Why can’t we see her as a strong, empowering woman? A mother to two beautiful children? A businesswoman? A TV personality? A model? A woman. A woman with confidence. I do not believe that Kim Kardashian is a bad example. Sure, she likes to get her kit off, but is that a bad thing? Also, let’s not forgot, one of Kim’s biggest celebrity critic, Chloe Moretz, has also done a  photo shoot where she is naked bar a blanket. Why is it okay for her to do that, but also for her to criticise Kim for the same thing?! Doesn’t seem fair to me. 

My point here is that feminists, true feminists should realise that what Kim is doing nothing isn’t a bad thing. Yes, we can appreciate intellectual women, brave women, kind and caring women, but why not appreciate the beauty of each and every woman, too?! Feel empowered by Kim. Don’t be bitter and trash her. Sure, you may not like her nudity, but please remember that she is more than this. She is more than her husbands views. She is a woman. The same as I am. The same as your mother is. The same as you may be. 

Rachel xoxo


4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian

  1. I love this post! It’s so true! I’ve been a long time fan of the Kardashian’s because I am fascinated and in awe of how these women have constructed their empire. They are businesswomen first and work tirelessly to maintain that. Kim even captioned her photo with “#liberated”. Everyone achieves liberation through different ways and if feeling empowered in your body is Kim’s way of doing it, go her!! xx

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