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International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day (YAY!) so this post is going to be an extra special #GirlPower post, celebrating all the amazing things that make us women. So, without further ado, here we go…

  • First is obviously boobs. Boobs are awesome. Mainly a source of nutrition for our children but also they look pretty cute to. We give live through our boobs, and for those of us who may not want children or can’t have them for whatever reason, we still get to enjoy their prettiness ourselves.


  •  Linking to the last point, being a woman and having boobs sometimes means we can wear the most amazing and pretty underwear (I do acknowledge that not only women can wear this…but this is just about women so do bear with me). My personal favourites are anything black and pretty, usually from Boux Avenue.


  • Periods. Ok, I get that many people HATE periods with a passion, and for many they are a cause of great pain. Me personally, I actually like having my period. I was so excited when I first got mine (I mean, c’mon I was finally a woman right?) For for information about this, I’ve actually dedicated a whole blog post to it here.


  • We can grow another person. IT. GROWS. IN. OUR. BODIES. A person with hands and feet and eyes and hair. CRAZY. And then we birth it from our vagina (which can grow to 10 inches and then shrink again. WOW). WE are pretty awesome. (Again, I do know that sadly not all women can experience this, but for those who can this is an amazing thing).


  • Boobs. (Well they are fantastic!)


SO there we have it. It is clear that women are pretty amazing, magical creatures. You are all amazing (men and women). I hope you all have a fantastic International Women’s Day. Remember, though, we don’t need a day to tell us how amazing we are. You’re perfect everyday.


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