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To my boyfriend 

I’ve talked about Ryan in posts before but never in huge detail, so to be honest I really just wanted to spend the time to dedicate something to him. When it comes to Ryan I really struggle with words (which is unlike me). I mean, there’s only so many times you can tell a person you love them. I just feel he deserves so much more than a simple “I love you” for all the things he’s done for me. So that’s where this post comes in.
 To start with, we became friends waaaay back in 2011, through mutual friends. I had heard of him and one day I thought I’d add him on Facebook, and was very happy when I saw how cute his profile picture was (he was doing the whole moody teenager look that I loved so much back then, beanie hat included). He wrote on my wall saying something like “Thanks for the add” and we ended up talking on private message. At the end of that conversation I gave him my number (I think I used some cheesy line like “Aww I’m not going to be on FB for a while so text me” – real subtle Rach!) but anyway, it worked, and this sparked a two year friendship. During this time I’d met him once when with a bigger group of friends. He was so cute and shy and I just thought he was so lovely.

We texted intermittently for two years, sometimes we’d text everyday for two months, then we’d go two months without even speaking. It was weird. We were always quite flirty I think, but our conversations were the weirdest conversations you could imagine. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone as weird as me, but I did. We bonded over our love for Nickelback (a rarity in this day and age) and found out we had loads in common. Towards the end of 2012 we were texting quite regularly, and even though we’d only met once, I totally felt myself falling for him. I didn’t tell him, I did try to up my flirting game but Ryan was pretty oblivious bless him. 

Anyway, New Years Eve 2012 arrived and after getting a little tipsy, I needed up phoning Ryan…I know what you’re thinking “This is where she confesses her undying love for him” but no, couldn’t be more wrong. I actually asked him if he knew where the Chinese takeaway was (bear in mind he’d never been to Ferndale in his life). I vaguely remembered this the next day and text him to apologise, he saw the funny side of it thank god. I actually did myself a favour here though because since 1st January 2013 I think we’ve texted each other near enough everyday. So anyway, this sparked a whole new flame for Ryan and I (I have no idea how) and our friendship grew. I think at this point it was quite clear we liked each other. We went from texting to three hour long phone calls most nights. This carried on through all of January until the beginning of February. One day, I think it was like February 2nd or something, I had needed to pop to the shops to get something for school, I mentioned it to Ry and he immediately suggested meeting up after my shop. I was sooooo nervous but I agreed because obviously I wanted to see him again. So I got myself ready and did a little shop, before heading to the park to meet him (for those of you who love near me, this was Ponty Park…it was freezing cold but it actually looked really cute and wintry there). I was so nervous I stopped for a Costa to calm me down. Anyway, I eventually saw him walking over to me so we headed to a bench to sit and chat. It was so cute but awkward at the same time….we were both so nervous but we ended up chatting for ages. When it was time for me to go he walked me to get my bus (SO CUTE) and I awkwardly hugged him goodbye (CHEESY!!!!). I knew after that little date that I definitely had a huuuuge crush on him. In our daily phone calls we decided to go on another date, this time a proper one and decided to go to Cardiff two weeks later. We went to the cinema to watch This is 40 (a very awkward choice) and did some shopping (OBVIOUSLY – who goes to town without doing some shopping?!). The attraction was clearly mutual and we spent the day just being cute, trying to trip each other up on the escalators (childish 17 years olds hahaha). In the coming weeks we talked on the phone A LOT, and admitted me both liked each other. We then eventually admitted that we both wanted to be a couple (YAY) and decided on our next date is where he’d ask me face to face. 
He did, and I obviously agreed. 

Here’s the very first photo we ever took together.

 Fast forward three years, and here we are now. We’ve just celebrated three years together. In that three years Ryan has become my best friend. We’ve grown up together, going through A Levels, college and getting into uni. I’ve seen him pass his driving test, buy his first car, do amazingly well in his Access to Nursing and get onto the university course he’s always dreamed of. We’ve made sooo many amazing memories together, like seeing our favourite bands. 

 This is us in the Mumford and Sons concert. 
 Here we are queuing to see Kings of Leon. 
We’ve done some fab little mini breaks. 


 And we’ve spent countless nights sat I front of the TV cuddling and eating Dominos.  


 He’s been there for me through everything, and I’ve been there for him, too. There’s been some very tricky times but each time we’ve come out on top, proving to each other how in love we are. Everyday I think how lucky I am to have found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with at this age. Obviously it’s not going to be easy. Life has a habit of getting in the way, but in my opinion, true love is overcoming these obstacles together, and not being too naive to acknowledge that things aren’t always going to be love hearts and sunshine. Life is sometimes dark and grey, but Ryan makes it even just a little bit more sparkly, and for that I am ever grateful. So, Ryan, this is for you. Thank you for these past three years, and here’s to the rest of our life. I love you. 



13 thoughts on “To my boyfriend 

  1. I read this instead of doing my reading for my seminar and oh my gosh you nearly made me cry! This is so lovely and cute and oh my gosh the same could be said for me and my boyfriend, although we’ve only been together a year. The awkward texting and my equally subtle phone number giving (I believe I actually used the same tactic, something like “my wifi is so bad here’s my number to text instead” like seriously could I have been more obvious!!!) I’m so happy you’ve found your “one”. It’s the same for me with Josh. Everyone always says you’re too young to know but I think age is just a number, feelings are so real! xxx

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