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It’s okay to have “bad blood”

So for last weeks #GirlPower post I wrote about how good it feels to have women around you that make you feel happy and how it’s nice to empower and feel empowered by other women. However, I also want to make it clear that although getting on with all women is fabulous, in reality we aren’t going to get on with everyone…and that is ok! It’s more than ok, actually. Here’s why….

By now, we’re all familiar with the term ‘feminism’ and probably all have ideas of how to act as a feminist. However, something that constantly gets to me when listening to others who identify as feminists and also feminists on Twitter is the fact that many people often believe that being a feminist means that you HAVE to get along with and agree with the views of ALL other women, that we have to show friendliness to other women at all times. This isn’t, in my opinion, what feminism is about. Sure, building up other women and supporting their views is fantastic, but what if a woman has been mean to you? What if you wholeheartedly disagree with her views? You don’t have to be best friends with her and support her views if you don’t agree with them. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to be ‘squad goals’ with every woman. It’s also not okay for you to call someone a ‘bad feminist’ for not agreeing with you. It’s totally fine to not agree with people and let them know your alternative point of view. No one should take offence to that. I see it so often all over social media and in real life. Someone has a contrasting opinion with someone else. The two try to discuss it in an appropriate and adult way, but so often one usually takes offence and gets pissed off, calling the other a bad feminist for not agreeing. Feminism doesn’t give you the right to expect and demand support from each and every woman. It’s totally okay to have ‘Bad Blood’ as T Swift would say. You’re not a ‘bad feminist’ if you don’t agree with someone or if you dislike someone….that just makes you a human being.  

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Stay tuned for more.

Rach xoxo


8 thoughts on “It’s okay to have “bad blood”

  1. My mum used to say ‘you can’t be best friends with everybody’ and she was so right. I used to try, thinking that what counted with friendship was numbers. Having lots of people around made me feel like I’d always have somewhere to turn. But in reality, maintaining loads of friendships with people that you just don’t have much in common with is exhausting. Now I prefer to focus my energy on a few friendships with people I really click with. I always try to be polite and kind to everybody I meet, but I no longer attempt to be best mates with everybody.

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