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Second post today, but a very impromptu one. After talking to some of my amazing university friends today and with the recent news about Kesha and Dr Luke (he is her manager, he raped her, got away with it and still she’s contracted to him and Sony as has to make another SIX albums for them) , I really HAD to write this. I want to reinstate why feminism is soooo so SO important. I read an article just now about a dad bringing up his son to be a feminist. “Oh that’s great” you may be thinking, what’s so wrong about that?! But, think about it…as I’ve said in previous blog posts, feminism is, according to the Oxford Online Dictionary (and countless others), “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes” The key bit here being EQUALITY OF THE SEXES, so my question is, why should we be having to teach our children to want equality?! Surely that should be inherent?! Men and women deserve equal rights, we shouldn’t really have to make a point of teaching our children this, and feeling amazing when we do. It shouldn’t feel like an achievement to teach your child to be a feminist, it should be something that we ALL do and believe. It should be mature to us. Talking with friends today, I learnt that some people dislike the term feminist, saying that they would prefer if it was called ‘equalism’ OK, I can see your point in some ways, as the word ‘feminism’ does imply femininity, however, should this really matter?! At the end of the day, it’s just the word, the message behind it is EQUALITY. It gets me wondering whether the reason people dislike the term ‘feminist’ is because of the very negative portrayal of feminists that always happen at school, the work place, in uni, in the media…everywhere. The term ‘feminazi’ is used…when really, these ‘feminazis’ are misandrists, the female equivalent of a misogynist. It makes me sad that people are almost too scared to admit that they are feminists because of the negative associations in the media. Now, on to the horrifying issue surrounding Kesha. This is a clear example of how we need feminism. Doesn’t it absolutely disgust you that the Justice system and a big company such as Sony are supporting the abuse of Kesha, her rape by her manager?! They are protecting a man, Dr Luke, over an innocent woman. And people still think women are equal to men?! YEAH RIGHT. 

I hope that this post has enlightened your knowledge on such an important topic. I could talk about it forever, but won’t say anymore for today. 

Be happy and safe. You can do anything you put your mind to. 

Love Rach xoxo


12 thoughts on “Feminism…again

  1. This blog post is all of my thoughts! I couldn’t agree more! I recently got into a bit of a heated twitter war with some men after I’d posted a tweet advertising a Feminist post I had posted on my blog. They started telling me I was wrong and that I shouldn’t bother with what I was doing because it was “pathetic”. I was offended by the fact that they then undermined everything I said when it came to things like rape which has been the story today with Kesha. It hurts that people can not want equality! They were incredibly rude and offensive with their language towards me and if I wasn’t such a strong person it could have really been damaging for me! Instead, I held my head higher and now I’m even more determined to continue with what I’m doing! If you want to see the post that caused all the drama the link is http://www.theprintedparade.com/calling-all-feminists/ if you’re interested! Love the post! x

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Really?! That’s absolutely horrible!!! Some people are so uneducated it hurts. I’m so glad you were able to stay strong. I’m definitely going to give it a read, these are my favourite types of posts to read! Xxx


  2. I understand your frustration! It baffles me that people are uncomfortable with feminism, as though it’s a radical and crazy thing to believe that all people should have equal rights. I feel really awful for Ke$ha, what an ordeal! xx

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