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Spread Love

So today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve had the best Valentine’s weekend with Ryan, we celebrated yesterday. We went to see Deadpool (which was AWESOME), ate Domino’s, relaxed and exchanged gifts. Today we woke up and went to the gym, #dedication. But yeah, it really was a wonderful weekend and I was spoiled rotten! ❤️ I hope you all had a wonderful day too! However, even though Valentine’s Day is meant to be a time of love and happiness, the majority of posts I’ve seen on social media have been very negative and actually very bitter. All I’ve seen is people moaning. Moaning about being single, moaning about old partners, moaning about existing partners…and even worse, moaning about other happy couples. I’ve seen so many tweets complaining about girls uploading photos of presents they’ve received. So many people hating on couples for uploading photos of themselves kissing. Even moaning about the #hashtags they’ve used. Let me tell you, if my ‘boy does good’ I will definitely want to tell you all. And before anyone says ‘you should give love and presents everyday, not just Valentine’s day’…we, and most couples I know actually do show love each and every day. I understand that there are people who choose not to celebrate V Day with their partners, some people find it a very commercialised holiday, all about making money. Ok, maybe it can be this. However, other people love it, other people (myself included) jump at the chance to dedicate a whole day to love. In a world so full of hate and violence, why not celebrate love for a whole entire day?! You can choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you want. It’s totally fine, but DO NOT look down on people that do. Don’t write bitchy tweets about how you’re single, how you hate Valentine’s Day, how it’s all a moneymaking stunt….you just sound bitter. You don’t sound cool and edgy for hating on it. It doesn’t make you a better person. Please, if you are being a bitter Valentine’s hating person today, redirect those feelings into love. Just because you’re single it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day. Go hug your family members, meet up with friends…heck, even spend a day cuddling your pet. Just show some love, because there’s nothing worse than bitter feelings and feelings of
hate…especially on a day dedicated to love and happiness.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful day, full of the things and people you love most. 
Rachel xoxo.


9 thoughts on “Spread Love

  1. Very well said Rachel, I’m sick to death of seeing bitchy tweets this past couple of weeks. I’ve gotten so mad about it that I’ve decided to unfollowers anyone that I see being negative and bitchy because that’s not who I want to associate with. I for 1 have been on the aimed side of that for most of my life and I’ve had more than plenty of people look down on me most of my life. It drives me absolutely crazy angry to see people being this way towards others because there is just no need for it at all. We have so much more worser things going on in life to moan about. I wish people would realise the damage it causes to others when they are doing this. It really boils my blood. Anyway sorry ranted a bit there!
    Fantastic post and I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Lisa 😊💖 XoX

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  2. After spending the morning while my partner was sleeping on valentine’s day looking at twitter and facebook I made a decision to just not bother at all for the rest of the day. Far too many people being bitter and people even saying they were going to turn up to the cinema drunk to piss off people there for a date.

    People have a need to complain about every holiday but I feel Vday gets it the worst. The assumption that you don’t show your partner you love them everyday is beyond ridiculous, because if you didn’t, that wouldn’t be a very happy relationship would it? It’s fun to just have a day of dedicating time entirely to that person! Especially if you both work and don’t get much time off together, it’s a good excuse to get your boss to let you off work for a day!

    People just gotta be bitter and hate on those that are happy!

    Jasmine |

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Oh my gosh really?! Some people are so ridiculous, it’s like they don’t want people to be happy. Yes exactly, you can show love everyday but it’s just nice to have a whole day dedicated to it! 🙂 I hope that you and your partner had an absolutely wonderful Valentine’s Day! ❤️


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