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Pancake Day with Bae

Pancakes are my favourite. I could eat them every single day, so obviously a day dedicated to these beauties is high on my priorities. After we both had a long day in uni and work placement, we didn’t even start making them until 9pm. This was after a mad dash around Asda looking for pancake mix. There wasn’t any. Surprise suprise, as this was 7pm on pancake day haha! Instead we decided to make our own. Using a VERY ancient recipe book  

My boyfriend, Ryan was the chef.  

Here are the ingredients we used. There was also flour and we used coconut oil to grease the plan (have to be a little teeny bit healthy haha!).  

I wanted to top mine withNutella(obviously 😉) and Ryan likes the Maltesers spread so he chose that!  

This was Ryan’s first pancake and he was sooooo proud!!! (They kinda went downhill from here though haha) 

This was the finished product!!  

So that was our pancake day! I hope you have all eaten your weight in yummy pancakes! ❤️ 
P.s there is a video of Ryan flipping pancakes on my Instagram so if you fancy a look check out my Instagram link! 
Love from Rachel xoxo (and Ryan!) 


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