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How to inject some Valentine’s love into your relationship every single day

I’m a sucker for all things love, so Valentine’s Day has always been a favourite of mine. I’ve loved it since I was a little girl, even though up until 2013 is always been single for V Day, I always loved the atmosphere. Love hearts everywhere, seeing happy couples, seeing the cards and chocolates in the supermarket….it was just heaven for a big softie like me. Since we first began dating (our first date was early Feb 2013), Ryan and I have always been each others Valentine’s. *He even asked me on a Valentine’s date the year before but I was so nervous that I declined!* I know some couples don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as they find it gimicky, money orientated and prefer to express their love each day. This is fair enough, and I do understand. Ryan and I, however, do all that and still celebrate it. We’re both so romantic at heart so it’d be a shame to let a day dedicated to romance go to waste. Even so, I do believe that we should all show our loved ones love on each day, not just the one day a year, so I’ve devised a list of 10 things you can do to make each day as special as Valentine’s Day! 
1. Surprise them with a cute note. In an age of texting, social media and Skype, when was the last time you wrote a message on paper for someone? Write your partner a little note telling them what you love about them. 

2. Cook them their favourite meal. In a relationship it can sometimes be easy to slip into the routine of takeaways, dinner out, chocolate and crisps. Why not bake them their favourite dessert? Or maybe they’re a fan of spaghetti bolognese? Make it as a surprise….but make sure you make enough for two, you need some too! 

3. Compliment them. Tell them they look cute. Compliment your girlfriends new haircut. Tell your boyfriend he looks cute in his new jacket. A compliment can go a loooooong way! 

4. Plan a surprise date, something you don’t usually do. How about bowling? Or maybe a trip to the zoo? Or something a bit cheaper? You could try a museum (most are free)! Or a walk and a picnic in the countryside. The list is endless, and I’m sure they’d appreciate a change from the usual trip to Nando’s or Netflix and a pizza. 

5. Run them a nice bath for when they get home from a tiring day. Kit it out with candles, lots of bubbles, their fave soap/shower gel and a lovely Lush bath bomb. Heaven! 

6. Phone them to tell them you love them. Often with work, school, uni and everything else in our hectic lives, it can be nearly impossible to see your partner, even when you love together. Make their day by phoning them on their break and telling them how wonderful they are. 

7. Spend time cuddling. In this fast paced society, everything is rushed and sometimes there’s not even enough time for a cuddle everyday! For me, just 5 minutes cuddling up to Ryan is enough to make me smile for the rest of the day. 

8. Do something they want to do. So your girlfriend loves Pretty Little Liars but usually you can’t stand it…why not stick it for just 35 mins and watch it with her? You’ve just found out the footy is on, why not turn the channel on for your partner and watch it with them. It might be hell for you, but it will be lovely for your partner. Share the things they love. 

9. Make it your goal to say ONE thing you love about your partner everyday. It’s so easy to get annoyed with someone you love so much, especially if you spend a lot of time with them. Counteract this by focussing on just one positive thing a day. It can be something as simple as the fact that they make a cracking cup of tea. Or maybe they can make you smile like no one else. Just say it to them, they’ll feel amazing, I’m sure. 

10. Last but not least, just show some interest in them. Ask about their day, share the highlights of your week. Take time each day to talk. You may know everything about each other, you may have seen each other everyday for the past 10 years, but don’t let it get boring. Treat each other with the same interest as you did at the start of your relationship. 
I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s post. How do you show your partner you love them each day? 
Rachel xoxo


10 thoughts on “How to inject some Valentine’s love into your relationship every single day

  1. I’ve never liked valentines day, from a very young age. I remember in high school i used to skip the morning because in assembly they would always insist on doing the valentines roses. Basically they were selling them weeks before and you could send them to someone and they would hand them out in front of the whole school in assembly. I always thought someone would send me on as a prank, thankfully no one ever did, but i didn’t want to risk it anyway x

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    1. Oh my gosh that’s awful, I’d hate that to happen in school, it must be so embarrassing for people! As much as I love V Day, I would have hated this! It makes people feel like crap if they didn’t get one! And yeah, I bet people were mean and played pranks too! Xx


  2. Awww this is nice. I’ve always loved Valentines day even during the long lonely single years. I’m very lucky to be spending my 2nd Valentines with my partner and have sponsored a duck under his name as he always calls me his β€˜little ducky’

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  3. Well, while I may be totally single right now, I think this is brilliant and I’m keeping this in mind for when I do end up in a relationship. My parents have never been big on Valentines Day but they make the most of the half price chocolates after it! Love this post ❀

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