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Feminist and proud!

Another ranty blog post is coming your way so buckle up. Tonight has seen yet another argument on Twitter surrounding the idea of feminism. A lovely blogger has received mountains of online abuse for her tweets that promote feminism, and sadly, this isn’t just one isolated incident. This happens ALL THE TIME. So I think it’s time for a little education….first let’s start with the word itself. ‘Feminism’. Now, what knows what that means?! According to Oxford Dictionaries website, feminism is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. See that last part….equality of the sexes. Sexes. Meaning both MALE and FEMALE. Not just female, which is something an alarming number of people think. Now, feminism has been associated with the idea of hating men, something that just isn’t true. Feminists don’t hate men. We simply wish to be equal to them. Hating men is called misandry, and is just as awful as misogyny. Myself, I am shocked when someone isn’t a feminist. What, you don’t want equality with men?! That’s just something I don’t understand. Without feminism, women would not have been allowed the vote, we wouldn’t have the same rights in the workplace as we do now. Feminism has changed the world, but sadly, there’s still a long way to go. Now there may be some of you say there thinking “Ah, here in the UK I don’t experience any discrimination because I’m a girl, I don’t need feminism”….which is, in some ways, partly true. Yea some people are lucky enough not to experience discrimination because of their gender identity, but this doesn’t mean that others haven’t experienced it. All over the world, female, and make discrimination still goes on (because don’t forget, feminism wants fairness for men too!!!). In some countries young females are experiencing genital mutilation, baby girls are aborted as they are seen as less valuable, young girls as young as 8 are forced into arranged marriages with men that are old enough be their fathers. Men worldwide are made to feel that they can’t cry, that they can’t discuss their mental health problems. Men don’t get the same amount of paternity leave (some men get zero paternity leave!), suicide rates are found, by some studies, to be higher in young men than any other category. What about the fact that even in 2016, in this very country, the issue of rape always brings about questions such as ‘was he drunk?!’, or, ‘what was she wearing?!’…without actually condemning the rapist, and leaving it at that. IS ANY OF THIS FAIR?!?! Now tell me, do you need feminism now?! Feminism isn’t about hating all men. We love men. We want to be equal. We want good for both sexes. Feminism isn’t about refusing to wear make up, however, feminists also realise that wearing make up is a personal choice. Feminists are not all lesbians. Some are, though. Some are straight. Some are asexual. Some are bisexual. All are fine. We want equality for everyone. Being feminist is NEEDED. Why wouldn’t you want equal rights and opportunities for all people, of both sexes, whatever they identify as?! #FEMINISTANDPROUD


10 thoughts on “Feminist and proud!

  1. Love this post! I was thinking of writing a blog on this topic, I don’t see how it’s still a problem. This is why I couldn’t do work experience in a tattoo shop and the reason I was given by the school for not being able to go was because I was girl


  2. Your ranty posts are my favourite thing and I definitely agree with you! I recently had a bit of a debate with my friend because she was insistent that feminism was women wanting to have more opportunities than men, instead of wanting equality. It’s a shame that there’s such an misunderstanding of what feminism is because it makes so much sense! xx


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