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Self love and self care

Love yo’self. We see it everywhere. Hell, even Justin Bieber sings about it….but how many of us actually do?! We live in an age where everything is fast paced and stress is a daily struggle for many. We live in a time where illness is so common because of the stress we are all under. Stress causes everything, from the common cold, to mental health issues, even to more serious things like impacting on our heart health. There are also many people who, on top of their busy lives, put others such as friends, family and partners before themselves. Others put uni, school and work first….but what about ourselves. So many people spend all their time and energy focussing on keeping others happy, forgetting to properly love and care for ourselves. We seem to forget about our poor ol’ selves until we come down with illnesses or until our mental health starts to suffer, and even then, we sometimes tend to ignore it. When was the last time you gave yourself a pamper day? How about an extra long bubble bath? Sat in bed and binged on your fave boxset? When did you last sit and read your fave novel with a cup of tea? Looked at yourself in a mirror and felt really good about yourself? If you can’t answer yes to at least one of these, then you really NEED to read on. For me, all of the above are things that I need to do each week. It might seem like a lot of time for myself, some people may even think it’s selfish…but I’ve spent so much time in the past putting myself last, constantly putting my appearance down and never doing things I enjoy. My mental health really suffered from this, so now I make sure I make time for myself to feel good. There is nothing at all selfish about this. You might think it’s big headed or vain to look and admire yourself, but why the hell not?! You may think it’s a waste to spend a whole day watching a series in Netflix…but some people need this. We all show appreciation to ourselves in different ways. Our bodies, our minds…they both do a lot for us. It’s okay to rest them. It’s okay to fill yourself with compliments. It’s okay to treat yourself like royalty. It’s not selfish. It’s not vain. You deserve it. Do something that makes you smile ( I have a whole post dedicated to things that make me smile). Rest your body. Remember there’s more to life than work stress and university deadlines. Just put yourself first for once. πŸ™‚ ❀️

Rach xoxo


5 thoughts on “Self love and self care

  1. Hallelujah girl! I totally love binge watching Netflix series, it’s my chill time πŸ˜‚ Only recently I’ve started to actually do things I enjoy and want to do for myself too which has such a positive effect on my mood!! I love your posts 😊 Xxxx

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