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LUSH COCKTAIL – Unicorn Rose Fairy


Ok, so I have already posted today, but I’ve just had the best bath of my life and I just HAD to share it will you all! Lush cocktails are something that I’m a huge fan of, I love finding new scents that go together. This particular cocktail was put together mainly for the colours (don’t they look gorgeous?!) but oh my gosh the scents are perfect together. I’ve called this Unicorn Rose Fairy and it consists of Unicorn Horn bubble bar (from theValentine’s collection), Rose Bombshell bath bomb (from the Mothers Day collection), Snow Fairy (obviously a Christmas fave of everyone’s), Rosey Cheeks fresh face mask and some American Cream conditioner.

1. Crumble 1/3 of Unicorn Horn in your EMPTY bath, then run warm water while swishing it with the crumbled Unicorn Horn (this creates LOTS of bubbles) πŸ¦„ 

2. When the bath has run, add in your Rose Bombshell bath  and watch the beautiful colours collide. 🌹
3. Get in your bath and relax for 20minutes or 20 hours because trust me it’s THAT amazing. πŸ›

4. Smother your body in Snow Fairy (I also washed my hair in it!) and watch yourself sparkle and smell like sweet candy floss! πŸ’– 

5. I finished off with some American Cream conditioner as its my fave! πŸ“

So that’s my Lush cocktail! 

Let me know if you try it! 

Rachel! Xoxo


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