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January of Joy

I’ve decided this year to focus on the positives in each day. So often we are guilty of only looking at the negatives, so I’ve made it my mission to remember and document all the positive things that happen to me, and all the things that have made me happy each day. I got thinking of ways I could incorporate this into my blog and noticed that other bloggers do a round up of events/products/songs and whatever that they have been loving at the end of each month. So I thought I’d do the same. Here, and at the end of each following month I will be giving a run down of things that have made me smile this month. Anything from products, to day trips, to events, to movies…basically whatever I see fit. So here’s my first one….ENJOY! ❀️
Beauty products that have made me happy:

As you all know by now, I am a HUGE Lush fan, and January so the release of the long awaited Valentine’s products (I’ve already reviewed these here: and to be honest I really haven’t stopped using them. I am certainly going to be stocking up on these. Also from Lush is the American Cream conditioner. I’ve been using this for a while, but it’s turned into my best friend this winter! This cold wet and windy weather wreaks havoc with my naturally curly hair – it ends up dry, frizzy and brittle! Ive been using this soooo much, it’s so softening and the smell lasts forever! It kinda smells like a vanilla and strawberry shake with a hint of spicy herbs, due to the clary sage! It’s such an amazing smell, I even have a perfume of the same set from the Lush Kitchen! 😍 Also featured is Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balm in Honey. I got this in a set for Christmas from a friend and I’ve used in continuously since. It’s also NOT tested on animals and has the leaping bunny logo, which is a huge plus as this month has also seen me start to clear out my makeup bag and replace everything with cruelty free products!
Outfits that I’ve been loving:

There are tooooo many to feature them all so I thought I’d just feature my most favourite from this month. I’ve been after a pair of black cord dungarees for AGES, and found these babies in New Look. They are so versatile and can be dressed up and down. I tend to wear them more casually with long tshirts and jumpers….here I am with dungarees and a striped top (stripes are another love of mine)! They were Β£26.99 which I personally think is a bargain and I also had student discount off that price! They are super comfy and I can see me wearing them to death.
Books that I couldn’t put down:

Being a literature student means that I am constantly reading (usually about 2/3 books at a time) and while I am certainly not complaining as I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read, reading as many as I do means that I often don’t have time to read for pleasure, or even fully digest the books that I have to read. It’s not often that I read a book for uni and fall in love on the first page, but this book was different. I’d been excited to read it as I’d heard that it was pretty similar to Toni Morrison’s Beloved (which, if you haven’t read you need to do so NOW!) and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Without wanting to give anything away, the book revolves around the character of Janie, and her life journey. It made me both laugh and cry. It’s a truly beautiful book that explores the issues faced by young black women in America in the years following the abolition of slavery.

Also pictured in the feature photo are two Yankee products. The large jar is Berry Trifle, one of the scents from Christmas 2015. I got this at the beginning of January after falling in love with the scent after I got my Mam a Yankee tart of the same scent. It was half the usual price so it’s a complete bargain. To me it doesn’t smell at all Christmassy. It’s so fruity and smells like a berry smoothie! Next is the Blueberry Cheesecake tart from Yankees Simply Home range. I got this from my local Asda. I usually don’t tend to go for the Simply Home range as I find the scents don’t last as long but I’m a sucker for anything dessert smelling so obviously I had to get this, and at only Β£1 you can’t go wrong. It actually smells more like a blueberry muffin and makes my whole room smell like a bakery! *all the heart eyes* 😍😍😍😍

In the featured photo you can also see a Daenerys from Game of Thrones Funko Pop Vinyl. I got this for my birthday in November, as I love Daenerys! This month I have seen soooo many more Funkos that I’m keen to have, all of the Disney ones, a BB8 (Star Wars), Rubberman from American Horror Story….the list goes on! 

Lastly, you may be wondering why there’s a photo of myself and a boy in the feature picture. Well that my friends is my gorgeous boyfriend of (almost) three years! January has been a month of dates for us, we’ve seemed to have been to the cinema, for lunch/dinner and even bowling quite a lot this month…and let me tell you, it was needed.

Anyone in a long term relationship will tell you that it’s not all rainbows and love hearts, and sometimes outside stresses such as uni, work and other issues can put pressure on a relationship. We decided to counteract this by making some time for each other that isn’t just sitting in bed with a film, we decided to go on fun and different dates, like when we first got together…and it has been perfect!!! Relationships, in my opinion, are a constant work in progress. Sure, people portray their relationships as perfect on social media (heck even I do it, nothing wrong with that) but let’s not forget to make some real valuable time for our partners, it makes a huge difference! Even on my worst days this boy can still put a massive smile on my face, and he has truly made my January! ❀️

Okay so that’s my January rounded up, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic month and I hope February brings you all even more happiness (and maybe some better weather!)
Love Rachel xoxo


10 thoughts on “January of Joy

  1. It’s good to focus on the good things. There are always way more of them anyway.
    Good that you recognise that relationships are hard work. Very important to have time together to be a couple, laugh and just be silly.
    Maybe you’ll make it as long as we have – 40 years!

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