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My January Playlist

January always seems like such a loooong month. Christmas seems like years ago, everyone is basically poor, still hungover and strictly sticking to their New Years r diets of lettuce and apples. With a month as dreary and miserable as this, it can be hard to stay in a cheery mood. For me, something that always has an impact on my mood is music. I use it to lift my spirits when I’m feeling crappy. So, for this reason I thought I’d share the songs that got me through January, and maybe you’ll find them helpful for February, another quite boring and dreary month. Here goes….
– Taylor Swift – ‘Wonderland’ – Since igniting my teenage obsession with Taylor Swift I have not stopped listening to her 1989 album. The song is amazing and I think it’s kind of based on Alice in Wonderland (a favourite book of mine)! It has a sort of 80s pop sound to it, which I loooove. Go give it a listen!
-Kate Bush – ‘Cloudbusting’ is from her Hounds of Love album. I got this album on vinyl for my birthday in November last year and since receiving it I haven’t stopped listening to this song. Without going into too much detail it’s actually based on an experiment by philosopher Wilhelm Reich who developed a rain making process called cloudbusting (ideal for this rainy January). Reich was arrested and the song is written fron the point of view of his young son who used to conduct this experiment with him (information taken from Dazed Digital website). It’s such a gorgeous song, and makes me want to go and sit on a mountain listening to it all day.

– Led Zeppelin – ‘The Rain Song’ is from their Houses of the Holy album I feel that it perfectly describes this January (well, at least here in Wales!). I grew up listening to Led Zep so I’ve always loved this song. It’s one of their more mellow songs, and in some ways is one of their lesser known songs. One of my favourite lines is:
Upon us all, upon us all a little rain       must fall. It’s just a little rain….

These lines just make me think that yeah, sometimes we do go through difficulties, but they don’t last. Much like January, it’s pretty crappy to be fair, but it soon gets better. Spring will be here soon!

– Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Dosed’ is such a special song to me. It’s from their By The Way, one of my favourites! This song just instantly puts me in a happy mood the second I hear it. I’ve loved the Chilis through all of my teenage years (I’m now 20 and still obsessed) but I’d always sort of bypassed ‘Dosed’, preferring their Stadium Arcadium tracks. It was actually my boyfriend who kind of got me in to this when we first got together. Whenever I hear it it just reminds me of him, and that’s enough to brighten up even the darkest January day.

– Last but by no means least is Lana Del Rey’s – ‘West Coast’ from her Ultraviolence album. Anyone who knows me personally is probably aware of my HUGE obsession with Lana. I love EVERY single one of her songs, released and unreleased (thank you YouTube) but this particular song has been replayed by me sooo many times this January. It reminds me of summer time and just feeling happy and being in the sun! Amazing!

So that’s my January playlist. Has anyone heard any of these? What have you been listening to this January?

Hope you enjoyed, lovelies! Xoxo


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