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Late night rants

If you have me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen my rant about an incident on Celebrity Big Brother in which a female housemate was very publicly humiliated for having discharge stains in her underwear. This got me soooo irritated, as they made out this person to be digesting, as though she was abnormal and unclean. Every person on this earth who has a vagina has more than likely experienced discharge in their life. It’s a healthy vaginal function that happens because our vaginas clean theirselves (amazing, right?!) and I am shocked and quite frankly, disgusted, that this person was getting humiliated by adults (male and female) who should know better! Vaginas are so bloody normal, why is there all this taboo about them? Why is it so ‘disgusting’ for a woman to experience a normal bodily function? I ranted a few days ago about periods, and how we shouldn’t be ashamed about them….the same goes for discharge. Think what it’s doing to young girls and boys. They are growing up being made to feel disgusted by something that is normal!!! It has such a detrimental effect on them. It’s going to make them too ashamed to discuss things about their body, even to doctors. Imagine a young girl experiencing some abnormal discharge (which does happen) and being too disgusted at herself to seek help. That is awful. Society is doing this to people. Boys are growing up being taught to be grossed out by periods, discharge and vaginas in general….the amount of comments I’ve heard from boys and men about vaginas being ‘ugly’ or them being grosses out by periods is quite worrying, considering we all came from one. Why can’t we normalise vaginas? Sure people are bound to be slightly uncomfortable talking about something so personal, and I’m not saying we should share every single detail…however, we also shouldn’t see vaginas as a taboo subject. We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed by our vaginas and its functions. I personally think that it is an amazing thing. We bleed from it each month, we can push a baby out of it and have it go back to its usual size, we can dress it with whatever gorgeous underwear we so desire….it’s a piece of art. So please, don’t be ashamed of you vagina, foof, lady garden….whatever the hell you call it, embrace it and all its functions. 
*photo credit to Pinterest*

Thank you for reading this very ranty post, but I hope you can see my point and have taken it in a positive way. Xoxo


20 thoughts on “Late night rants

  1. Bravo!! I love that you’re talking about topics that no one else would be brave enough to address. I also feel that uneducated and shallow people cause young girls to feel self conscious in their own bodies even when there’s nothing wrong with them! It’s so annoying!! Amazing post!! Xxx

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  2. An amazing post- the world needs more people who tell it like it is! I know a LOT of people who would benefit from reading this post so I will be sharing a link! A real ‘job well done’… Keep blogging! 😘 Xx

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  3. 100% agree! I think the attitudes towards something so natural is completely disgusting – unfortunately us girls do go through hell and back and it does become taboo – it doesn’t need to be at all.

    Thanks for writing this! xx

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  4. I didn’t watch it but I’ve heard a lot about it. I can’t belive the way the situation played out. We shouldn’t be ashamed of things that are natural ans we definitely shouldn’t be put down by others for it. Uneducated individuals at the end of the day!

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  5. This is a really good post, discussing something that is completely natural. To be honest I’m not surprised at big brother, some of the people on there are completely thick, besides who wants to go on a tv show where every part of your entire day in criticized and watched by a load of people. I don’t see the entertainment in a show where people argue over who ate the last biscuit x

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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I get that…I used to like it years ago, but as I’ve grown up I’ve realised that it’s actually horrible. Shutting people in a house for weeks on end is awful, especially as they choose this! Not entertaining at all! Thank you for your comment! Xx


  6. Completely agree – it was so uncomfortable to watch. It was so disgusting how they made this girl feel – it really was bullying.

    Although, Stephanie does seem to be quite dirty, never cleaning or looking after her clothes (or anyone else’s she borrows) and she really shouldn’t just leave her underwear everywhere. I don’t know why they had to put them on the kitchen table in front of everyone – that was so awful.

    Erin |

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