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Book Tag 

Today’s post is another different one for me. I’ve been tagged by the lovely Emily of to do this amazing book tag, and it’s a must read for any fellow bibliophiles! Here goes!

1. Read only series or standalones? 

I don’t really read series’. I do have The Hunger Games trilogy say on my shelf ready to read, but my bookcase is mainly full of standalones, mostly classics!
2. Read only female or male authors?

I can’t really say that I choose my books based on the authors gender. I have a variety of favourite books by both men and women, I think I read an equal share of both. I love the Brontë’s, Fitzgerald, Hardy, Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood. It’s really quite a mix.

3. Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Sadly there is no Barnes and Noble in the UK, so out of these it’d have to be Amazon. However, I’d much rather shop at second hand bookstores! I could spend days in them! 😍

4. All books become movies or TV Shows?

This is hard for me as I’m a massive film and tv buff too. It depends on the book, some books are a billion times better than their film/tv adaptions, however there’s some that I love just as much as the book. Although, that being said there is nothing quite like getting lost in a book, and it just doesn’t compare to watching it in front of you.

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

I’d love to be able to read 5 books a week, but I’m a crazily slow reader, so I’d have to say 5 pages a day (although I do read slightly faster than that haha!)

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

Author all the way. I’d LOVE to do that! I’d love to write and be a well established writer, but sadly I lack any sort of creativity! 😂
7. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

THIS IS SO HARD! On one hand I could easily read my top 20 forever and ever. I love rereading books! 😍 but there’s also nothing quite like getting lost in a new book and falling in love with it! I’d probably have to go for the latter!

8. Be a librarian or book seller?

My retirement dream is actually to have my own second hand book store, with lots of huge comfy armchairs, lovely cute little lamps and millions of gorgeous books! So 100000% a book seller!
9. Only read your favorite genre or every genre except your favourite?

I don’t have a favourite genre so I can’t answer this! I read a HUGE variety of books so I feel quite lucky like that.
10. Only read physical books or ebooks?

I’d choose physical books over ebooks every single time. To me there is nothing quite like the smell of a book, old or new. I’m obsessed with collecting old books! I can’t leave a second hand shop without a book. Ebooks just don’t have the same magical feel, plus they hurt my eyes.

I tag the lovely to do this book tag post! 🙂

Thank you for reading, lovelies! Xoxo


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