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The perils of periods

It’s no secret that being a girl has its good points and bad points. Good points including boobs and pretty underwear. Not so good points – periods. We all get them. Once a month, maybe more, maybe less (some even not at all), but chances are you will in some way experience a period at some point in your life. There’s no point being shy about them, all girls will have them, and most boys will experience them through family members and loved ones. If you’re a bit squeamish or disgusted by periods, I suggest perhaps you stop reading now (and maybe grow up a bit). Now periods are not particularly pleasant. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with mine for years. First it symbolised me becoming a woman (always fun for a young girl who has been awaiting it eagerly), throughout my teens it then became the bane of my life, I dreaded it each month. Now it’s something that I embrace, it’s actually a welcomed sight each month. However, this doesn’t escape the fact that it truly is a huge pain in the butt at times. So this is me attempting to make your periods a bit more of a pleasant experience. I’ve compiled a little list of things that can help you in your time of the month, and make it an overall nicer experience.
1. Make sure you’re well prepared for it. There’s nothing worse than being it and about and realising your monthly friend has paid you an unexpected visit. Keep your house and your bag fully stocked with tampons, sanitary towels and maybe some painkillers if you tend to experience cramps.

2. Linking on to my first point, download a period app. These can help you track your period, working out from information that you give when your period is due and giving cute little bits of advice each day of your cycle. The one that I’ve been using is called Eve, I got it from the App Store and it’s completely free.

3. Listen to your body. No two cycles are going to be identical. Some are controlled by medication like the contraceptive pill and so these are more regular. Some people don’t get them at all but may still experience period symptoms such as cramps, sore boobs etc. You know what is normal for you and what is normal for you may not be for the next person. Your best bet is to check with a doctor if you’re unsure.

4. Be kind to yourself during your period (and all times of the month). If you usually eat clean and exercise a lot, don’t feel guilty if, when your period comes along, you want to snack on chocolate or give your workout a rest. Again, listen to what your body wants and if it’s telling you do go and gorge on a huge bar of Cadburys, then go and do it! 🙂

5. Lastly, don’t let it stop you from doing what you want. For years, my period meant that I’d want to curl and in bed and be too embarrassed to go see friends or to go out for fear that people would know I’m on my period. Now I’ve obviously realised that periods are completely normal and really are NOTHING to be embarrassed about, so I go out and socialise and don’t care if others know. That being said, if you do feel like you want to curl up in bed and not see anyone for 5 days then by all means do it! Everyone loves to hibernate with a boxset and a hot water bottle! 🙊

P.s. Photo credit to Pinterest!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Stay tuned for more.
Love Rach xoxo


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