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Be yourself without fear

After talking to some friends about my blogging experience, I asked them what sort of posts they’d like to see, and something that came up was the idea of being yourself, but not only being yourself, doing it without fear and not caring what others think. So, with my new found love for blogging, obviously I had to deliver! 
Being yourself sounds simple at first doesn’t it? I mean, how can we possibly be anyone else? But really everyone puts on some sort of front. When we’re children we can be ourselves. There is no pressure to put on any sort of front, we’re just children with no inhibitions. Then the teenage years come in, and suddenly you’re in high school with a bunch of other people, and it can be a very scary experience. Teenagers are often afraid of being judged, and so this is one reason why they could hide their true selves. It’s like people feel we can only fit into one group….’geeks’, ‘the arty crowd’, ‘the outsiders’, ‘the popular people’….Okay so what if you’re quite a popular person who is also really smart and amazing at art? Where do these people fit in? So often these people will hide these things so they can just fit nicely into one group. This kinda filters off by the time 6th form or college comes around, but really I think it still stays to some extent. In my own experience I think people don’t start to become their true selves until university, or at least until they leave school. 

This was definitely my case anyway. Not that I really pretended to be someone I wasn’t, I did try to be my true self as much as I could, but there were somethings that I sort of kept to myself in school. For example, my love of writing and reading. I always enjoyed English Literature, but I didn’t feel like I could show that I loved reading poetry in my spare time, or that I’ve wanted to blog for years and years. I just thought people would think I was geeky or childish, which is so stupid!!! Since joining uni, I haven’t held back anything and have made an amazing group of friends who are also very similar to me. 

I think the message I’m really trying to get across is that we should never be afraid to show our true selves and the things we enjoy. If you’re a 13 year old who loves Shakespearian sonnets, shout it from the rooftops. If you’re a 25 year old who’s obsessed with Disney princesses, rock your Cinderella top when you’re walking around Tesco. Maybe you’re a 70 year old who loves singing along to Justin Bieber, don’t hide it…be who you want to be without fear. Don’t feel like you’ve got to fit nicely into one social group, you can be whoever you want to be. Be someone who loves moshing to Slipknot, but also adores floral dresses and the colour pink. 
Don’t be afraid of what others think, you deserve to be you and if people don’t love you the way you truly are, well they certainly aren’t even worth batting an eyelid at. Don’t be afraid to be you. 
love, Rachel xoxo
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10 thoughts on “Be yourself without fear

  1. I love this post!! I found it quite difficult to actually work out who I was for quite a long time and I agree, it wasn’t really until I left school and started working full time that I worked it out. Such a lovely message and I think it’s very important for people to be able to be themselves without fear in such a judgemental society. Xxx

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    1. Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment, Louise! YESSSS GURL! Own it! 💁🏻 You’re awesome! ❤️ I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy your blogging journey, feel free to DM me on Twitter if you have any questions or just want to chat! Xx


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