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2016 Goals

2016 Goals
New Year Resolutions are a concept that seem to divide people’s opinions. So many people hate them and think they’re pointless and that they’ll never be achieved. For me, however, I love making them, although I don’t always stick to them. In the past these resolutions have been the typical ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I’m gonna go running everyday’ which hasn’t always worked out. This year, I want it to be different, so I’ve decided to make a list of more meaningful goals, some that will probably be quite easy, and some that are more challenging. So I’ve decided to share them here on my blog . . .

1. Continue eating a vegetarian diet. I started eating veggie back in the beginning of November and just celebrated my first veggie Christmas. And before anyone asks, no I did not miss pigs in blankets, never liked them anyway hahahaha. In 2016 I aim to educate myself further in relation to my diet and eat an all round more healthy and nutritional diet. 

2. Get back into yoga. At one point in 2015 I was running a lot and doing yoga a few times a week, but as my anxiety worsened, this all came to an end. In 2016 I want to begin yoga again, starting with some home yoga DVDs and then maybe finding a good yoga class…if anyone knows any yoga classes please feel free to recommend them!!!

3. Be less bitchy/sarcastic. One of my main downfalls when it comes to family and my boyfriend is that I’m often pretty snappy and sarcastic, which usually ends up in arguments and tears (not good!). In 2016 I’m going to work really hard to stop being so sarcastic in my replies and stop getting so snappy so quickly. This is probably gonna be a huuuuuge challenge for me, and might sound quite stupid to most of you hahaha, but hopefully it’ll work and arguments between myself and loved ones will become less and less.

4. Save money. Ok this is another challenging one for me as I am the WORST SAVER EVERRRR! What can I say?! I love to shop! 🙊 But seriously, I really need to save this coming year, I’m going to be 21 this year and want to start thinking about moving out of my mothers house and becoming more independent. So no more huge shopping sprees for me!!!

5. Focus on further overcoming my anxiety and panic attacks. This year I want to leave behind all this negativity, and focus on getting back to my old confident self. Already I have improved so much, but hopefully in 2016 I will continue to grow and prosper, and hopefully leave behind my medication!

6. In 2016 I want to ensure that each day I keep a document of everything I am grateful for that day, whether that be writing it in a journal, or just quickly writing it down on my phone. The idea is that even on my worst days, I look for one thing that has been positive, so next New Years Eve I can look back on a year that was filled with positive experiences. As people, we sometimes tend to focus purely on negative thoughts, forgetting even the smallest positive things.

7. Last but not least is to take university more seriously. In my first year university went really well and I was so proud of all my work and the grades that I got. This year, however, has been different. My focus has been elsewhere and I don’t feel that I’ve had the same motivation when it comes to uni. So my aim is to work much harder for each assignment and finish all my reading in time. Hopefully this one will work out and I’ll feel super proud of myself when my grades get released in the summer! 

I really have a good feeling about 2016, and really feel that it’s going to be my year!!! ❤️

I hope all my amazing readers have a happy and healthy 2016 and enjoy reading all my 2016 blog posts! 

Happy New Year! Xoxo


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