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Blogging is getting increasingly harder to keep up with because of endless university essay deadlines and the ton of reading I have to do, which kinda sucks because I have so many ideas for my blog! But I really wanted to make the time for today’s post. It’s something that I feel is so important to talk about, for me personally, and in general. Anxiety. A word that today’s society is all too familiar with. Anxiety, along with depression, is the most common mental illness in the UK. Anxiety, to a certain extent is normal. It is a fear of things that are a danger to us. However, for someone who suffers from anxiety, be this social anxiety, health anxiety or just generalised anxiety disorder, this fear is often of something that actually poses no real harm, thus making it super difficult for these sufferers to cope with daily activities such as getting the train to work, meeting friends and concentrating on the task in hand. This is something that an alarming number of people experience daily, but even more alarming is the stigma that surrounds these issues. Often, anxiety is difficult to understand unless you experience it yourself. People who don’t experience anxiety can sometimes view friends or colleagues that suffer from it as ‘attention seekers’, ‘anti-social’ or ‘drama queens’. This is untrue. Anxiety sufferers cannot help these feelings. They do no want to be too scared to get on a train. They do not want to get up everyday feeling as though something bad is going to happen. They do not want to think they are going to die with every symptom of an illness that they get. These are all very scary and real problems for anxiety sufferers. It is so important that we get rid of this stigma, as often it stops sufferers seeking the help they need for fear of being branded an ‘attention seeker’. For me, personally, anxiety is quite a recent experience. I’ve suffered with panic attacks for just over a year, which has recently got worse and developed into anxiety that affects me daily. Luckily for me I have an amazing support network and it didn’t take me long to find the help I needed! After a particularly bad attack which stopped me getting the train to uni, I was taken to my GP who prescribed me with medication to help control my anxious thoughts and to prevent panic attacks. This was over a month ago and since then I have only had one panic attack. Anxiety still does affect me, and some days are worse than others. I also take a herbal medication called Bach’s Rescue Remedy, recommended to me by some amazing friends and checked with my pharmacist. Bach’s is amaaaazing! It has no effect on any medication and is safe and most importantly it takes the edge off my worse days! I’ll put a link to the website at the end! As anxiety still affects me, I do intend to seek further help, maybe a support group or some counselling to help me control my anxious thoughts, but I know that I am now on the right track to being able to control my anxiety again! If you too are experiencing anything like this, please please know that you are not alone. Help is out there and there is so much support. Please speak to someone, a friend, family member, teacher, doctor, whoever you want, don’t suffer in silence.

If this post just helps one person I will be over the moon. No one should go through this alone!

Be happy and strive for the life you want!

Rachel x

Rescue Remedy


6 thoughts on “#stopthestigma

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with the blogging community. I know a fair share of friends who suffer from anxiety due to school, work or personal issues. It helps a lot to be able to talk about it and not feel alone and you’ve made that very clear with the post. I hope you’ll get better regarding your own case. Take care! 😉

    – Lashaan

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  2. This is awesome, thank for sharing. I recently wrote a post about anxiety and perfectionism and peoples’ positive responses have been lovely. Keep going! 😘

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  3. This was such a great post to read! It is something that really needs talking about! I wrote a post about my experience with mental health on my blog if you’re interested. I can see why this is the post you’re most proud of!! 🙂


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