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World Mental Health Day

So today is World Mental Health day, a day to acknowledge mental health issues, something that affects 1 in 4 people! It is a subject very close to me and my family, and no doubt everyone who reads this can relate to it to some extent, be it through themselves, their families or friends. Mental health comes with such a stigma attached, and often people don’t take it seriously enough. Mental health is as important as any other illness, and should be dealt with in the same serious manner. However, today’s post is not going to be focussing on the negative, but on the positives. It is important to take care of yourself, whether you suffer from mental health issue or not. 

1. Take time for yourself!!! I cannot stress this enough! In a world where work, uni, families and god knows what else, are priorities, we are often guilty of neglecting the most important person…ourselves! Whether you set aside one day a week, or just 10 minutes a day, take time to do things you like. 

2. Organise your time. One of the thing that stresses me out the most and sends me into turmoil is not knowing what I’m doing day to day. I need to organise my life by making lists and keeping an organiser. It helps me tremendously to stay more calm in uni and life in general!

3. If you do feel yourself starting to get stressed out at anytime, focus on your breathing! If I can ever feel myself panicking, I always try to focus on taking slow deep breaths. This doesn’t always work, however, it does usually help to breathe slower and clear your mind a bit. Yoga also helps me, yoga breathing and doing light yoga stretches helps to ground me and focus my mind on positive thoughts. 

4. Lastly, and most importantly, you have to remember that whatever you suffer from, be it anxiety or any other mental health issue, you are NOT ALONE. Millions of other people suffer from the same things, and you WILL get through it! There is sooo much support out there for you, and don’t forget about your family and friends who will also always support you!

Rachel x 


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