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Bathtime with Lush

As you can probably tell by a few of my other posts, Lush is a huge obsession of mine! I’ve recently bought a few of the new Oxford Street Lush products and so this post is dedicated to the rest of my haul…BATH PRODUCTS!!!!

First up is one of Lush’s new bathbombs Yoga Bomb!!! This orange coloured bath bomb caught my eye as orange is my favourite colour so obviously I had to go for this! The scent is so amazing, it’s a really relaxing kinda woody smell, and reminds me a lot of incense. The colours it produced were gorgeous, too! I would definitely get it again! 🙂  

Next up is Lush’s reusable Flamingo bubble bar…  This is just the cutest thing in Lush!!! And to make it even better it smells gorgeous! 😍 I have to be honest though, it didn’t make as many bubbles as I’d have liked but I would definitely buy it for the smell alone. It also made the bath a really nice pinky coral colour which is always a bonus!!!  

Next is the amazing The Experimenter bath bomb that I have been desperate to try!!!!  Again this is another eye catching product and it smells amazing!!! It’s smells to me like a vanilla chai latte, probably down to the vanilla and spice used in it! 🙂 I was in love when I used it, as not only did it stay true to it’s promised colours but it also made my skin feel sooo soft!!! Definitely recommend this!   

Last but by no means least is Lush’s Karma Bubble bar. Now this isn’t exactly a brand new bubble bar and it’s actually an old Lush favourite but it’s had a bit of a make over! This gorgeous purple, orange and gold pyramid smells like a dream…it has an orange scent mixed with a deeper scent of patchouli, perfect for lovers of incense sticks like myself! For bubble bars I usually cut them up into seperate chunks and crumble  them into a plastic colander and then put them under hot running water as I find that this produces the best bubbles!!! This certainly didn’t disappoint! I used one eighth of my bar which made lots of bubbles, gave a gorgeous colour and amazing soft skin! 100% recommend this!  

   Rachel x


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