Student Loan Day Shopping Trip

Yesterday brought some amaaaaazing news, it was Student Loan Day!!! And also probably the fullest my bank account has been in months! Judging by the amount of statuses I saw yesterday declaring peoples love for their Student Loan, I’m guessing the majority of my readers have also had their loans, or else eagerly awaiting. I am a self confessed shopaholic and I’ve actually had a list written for about 3 weeks with things I want to buy with my loan…oops! 🙈😂 So it is with no surprise that I dragged off my poor boyfriend early yesterday morning to Cardiff for a massive shopping spree (but to be fair, he really didn’t complain that much haha!) So today’s post is gonna be a little shopping list of things that I bought with my loan….enjoy!
1) Firstly, like a good little uni student, I made sure I bought all my stationary, notepads and various books all ready to start back on Tuesday. This was actually less to do with the fact that I really needed these things, and more to do with the fact that buying necessities makes me feel less guilty about all the other stuff I bought!
2) Next on my list was LUSH…lots and lots of it. For anyone who knows me, you probably know that I am hugely obsessed with Lush, and to me there is no greater pleasure in life than a huge Lush shopping spree. Here I went a bit crazy on the bath bombs but settled on buying just a few as well as some bubble bars and a shower gel (I’m planning a post dedicated to these products soon so stay tuned)
3) Lana Del Rey!!!! I adore this woman, and with Loan Day, also brought the release of her latest album so obviously I trotted off to HMV. I ended up getting her album, Honeymoon, on vinyl (another obsession of mine) and already I am completely obsessed with it! You should 100% all go listen to it!!!!
4) Next was Primark, and I don’t care what anyone says but deep down no one can resist a huuuuge Primark haul. Here I picked up some gorgeous A/W essentials like cute jumpers, skirts and tights!!! I’m loving brown colours this year, especially anything suede!!!
5) Last was a beauty product shop, so had to stock up on some favourites, including my must have eyebrow product, a simple eyebrow pencil ‘Maybelline Mastershape Brow Pencil’ in Deep Brown…I’m one of those people who just can’t be bothered to mess around with any of that Dip Brow stuff hahaha! I also picked up some nail and skincare essentials, including a new favourite, Sally Hansen nail varnish in ‘Arm Candy’ a super pale pink colour and some Simple face wipes.
Hope you’ve all enjoyed this little shopping haul! Like I said earlier, I plan to dedicate some of my oncoming posts to some Lush products and other beauty products, so keep your eyes peeled guys! 🙂 x


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