Good vibes only

Over the summer I feel like I’ve changed so much, and I feel that it’s all down to the fact that I’ve started to only pursue things that make me happy. So many times in life I’ve made decisions based on other people or situations I thought were out of my hand, and not always would I be happy with those decisions. But I’ve really realised that life is just way too short to do anything that you are not happy or comfortable with! 🙂 You shouldn’t spend your life making decisions to please others. I’ve always been a kind of people-pleaser, trying to make sure that everyone around me is kept happy, but sometimes not even thinking about my own happiness. It sounds super cringe, but the only persons happiness we should put first is ourselves. 🙈 I’m not saying that we should always be completely selfish and only do things we want to do every minute of the day, buuuut, how on earth can we expect to make others happy if we, ourselves are not?! It’s totally okay for you to walk away from situations or people that no longer make you happy or make you feel comfortable. You don’t owe an explanation, just you being uncomfortable is explanation enough. You should always feel able to walk away from anything that doesn’t have a positive impact on you and your life, be that a partner, friends, a job, your uni or college course…anything! Your main aim in life should be to be crazily happy, so happy that nothing could bring you down. It is so important to be surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in you and your dreams. I feel so lucky to have that myself. Everyone deserves to wake up everyday and feel that nothing could bring you down. 🙂 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and that it’s made you all feel super positive and that you can achieve anything!!! X 


8 thoughts on “Good vibes only

  1. Another brilliant blog hun! 😄💖 love it love it! I’ve gone through the majority of my life making others happy because that’s what I love doing the most. I put myself last all the time with everyone. It’s just the way I am and I’ve always been. Enjoyed reading your blog Rachel so well written.
    Lisa XoX


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